Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thanksgiving Gratitude List

My late sister, Priscilla (standing) and I, on our grandfather Tucker's tire swing.
Circa 1963 (ages 16 & 9).

My daughter @ age 14
My two other daughters, fall 2004

I read Meg Cox' blog post about Thanksgiving and at the end she had what she calls a "gratitude list".
I liked the idea of it.  I became the surviving member of my family-of-origin after my mother's death in 2003.  The experience of losing my last 2 family members in such close succession made for some interesting contemplation.  I quit watching 24-hour news channels, spent more time in my garden in quiet contemplation.  I think of my mother each and every day as I walk down the long hallway into my studio, and thank her for giving me back the gift of time to make art.

So, after reading Meg's list, I decided to begin my own:

The love of a good, kind man
Three loving, healthy, beautiful daughters
My own good health
An amazing, loving, family-in-law
A home
A happy family (and this includes my dog)
Wonderful, supportive friendships
Food security
A good education and the ability to continue learning
Time to read them
A studio and supplies to make art, and the time and ability to create it
My garden
The capacity for great joy
An appreciation for the natural world
Clean, wonderful linen sheets
Art that satisfies and intrigues
Kindnesses from strangers
The insight not to take any of it for granted

Of course there is so much more.  This is the all-encompassing version of it.

So, dear reader, what is on your own gratitude list?  Please let me hear from you.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. I love your gratitude list. The photo of you and your husband, then and now, is wonderful! You can see the love in his eyes and your smile.

    Like you I am an orphan now and miss my Mom on a daily basis. I'm grateful that she allowed me to explore so many arts and crafts as a child so that I could express my creativity.

    I'm also grateful for my husband who has worked so hard through the years so that I could stay home to care for our children. It's been a blessing to us AND them. They are all wonderful people. The older two are in grad school and the younger two are still in high school so my work isn't "over" quite yet.

    I'm grateful for wonderful artists like you who share their art and help to build up others. I love reading your blog as well as many others. I could easily spend all day soaking it all up!

    There is so much to be grateful for in this world: a loving family, sweet cats, a warm home, a comfortable bed, a full stomach and dirty dishes, a room of my own to create, books and more books, a library near by, a computer and the internet to explore the world, and of course good friends who love me even when I am a hermit!

    Thanks for letting me share!

  2. ...and I love yours, Lisa! As mothers I doubt that our "work" is ever finished.
    I agree with your comment about our husbands!
    Thank you for posting. It meant a lot to me!

  3. Leslie, I like that you wrote your list and posted it - telling the world of your gratitude is also good for the people you love to hear. I read "The Happiness Project" last year and one of the suggestions was to keep a gratitude journal next to your bed and write one thing you are grateful for every morning. It helps start the day off on the right foot, and reminds me to verbalized that gratitude to the people I love.


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