Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quilt Alliance Auction Is Underway!

Our annual fundraising auction of quilts on eBay is underway!
Please stop by and place a bid!
Here are the dates for each auction week.
Auction Week 1: Monday, Nov. 12 – Monday, Nov. 19 2012
Auction Week 2: Monday, Nov. 19 – Monday, Nov. 26 2012
Auction Week 3: Monday, Nov. 26 – Monday, Dec. 3 2012
Auction Week 4: Monday, Dec. 3 – Monday, Dec. 10 2012

This is my house-shaped quilt, similar in size to the auction quilts on eBay.
This quilt was auctioned off at the Quilter's Take Manhattan event in September.
Meg Cox is the new owner!

"Home Is Where Your Story Begins"
First Place Winner & previous Grand Prize winner!
This quilt is one of so many wonderful choices to bid on!
Check them out on eBay!


  1. Oh I love quilts, off to check them out, lovely house quilts here.

  2. Thanks for checking them out! I've found several I'm in love with!


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