Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vidcast with Bonnie McCaffery

I was honored to have the opportunity to do a vidcast with the wonderful Bonnie McCaffery last fall at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  Please click on the link below.


  1. Leslie, this was so much fun! You have a very easy, relaxed demeanor on-camera as well as in person ... not to mention your beautiful smile. I really enjoyed this.

  2. Congratulations, Leslie! You did a great job. I love seeing how the Gelli plate works first hand. Nice apron too!

  3. Why, thank you girls. Yes, a special friend loaned me that apron. Perhaps you know her, Jamie...
    Remind me to contain my hair next time, will ya?! Wow. Bonnie did a great job of editing out my nonsense. She gets all the credit!

  4. I think Leslie is wonderful. I loved doing this VidCast with her...she's relaxed, fun and sees creative possibilities everywhere (who knew the dried paint would be so cool). Thank you so much for doing it with me (again, ha, ha). You're the best! Bonnie

  5. Super fun video! I've been enjoying the Gelli Arts printing plate as well, and I have some paint advice for folks - sadly, my go-to fabric paint, Pro Chemical & Dye's ProFab textile paints, which I love for many other applications, dries WAY too fast to work well with gel printing. I wondered if you had favorites among the paints you've tried for this technique - I'd love any advice in that area!
    ~~~the Art of Inclusion~~~

  6. Hmmm. I have used most-everything, but I really adore Jacquard paint for textiles. I also like the Blickrylic, Setacolor and Golden liquid acrylic. I haven't had any problems with the Pro-Paint. I hope this helps!

    Bonnie, thanks again for the opportunity. Yes, the light was better this time!
    You are the best!


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