Sunday, May 13, 2012

Continuing With My Orange Theme....

Year #3 of my Blog, as a book

Do you know about Blog2Print?  It is a fun way to print out the contents of your blog.  Each year I mark the anniversary of blogging by ordering the previous year as a blog book.  It is an interesting way to use the blog as a more tactile journal.  I recommend it!


  1. Wow, that is a great, fun service! My blog is fairly new, but what a cool way to bring all your content together in a physical form. I'll have to set a Google Calendar alert to remind myself to make one of these for my blog's one-year anniversary!

  2. wow indeed! years ago I printed a blog, through a totally different service, and it was a royal pain. This looks fabulous and easy and smart! I'd better build a new bookshelf for my blog books! thanks Leslie!

  3. This service has a standard method, or it can be customized. The standard method give you an index and uses the page-space in an efficient manner. It couldn't be easier to use!


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