Saturday, May 12, 2012

Secret Road Trip

As a graduation surprise my daughter and I drove her younger sister's car from San Antonio to NYC so she could have it for her summer internship in the northeast.  I tried to avoid outright lies.  I told one:  Finally, exasperated by the fuzzy info everyone was giving her about arrival date/time, asked me point-blank which airport we were arriving into.  I told her LaGuardia, and the approximate time, then I said I would call her when we were in the car and heading toward her.  That was a "version of the truth", right?!
The Jenisons enjoy a good road trip.  This one, sadly, did not allow for much stopping to see the sights.
Still, you never know what you will see along the way.  For instance:
Just south of Dallas, along I-35, sits this crazy "Starship Enterprise-esque" structure, a vacant restaurant-bar.  We HAD to stop and take photos.  This idiot was fooling around on his skateboard.  We were waiting to see if he would actually skate down the side, but apparently he didn't have a death wish.

Lake Ray Hubbard.
Serious deja vu for me:  I hadn't seen this lake since I competed in the US National Snipe Sailing Championship here in 1977.  (We got 4th place, BTW).  It was July, and hotter than hell.  I got sun poisoning.  

We passed signs for "Dollywood".  We wanted (!) to stop.
Pigeon Forge, birthplace of Dolly Parton.  We love her.
I don't care.

Day 3:  Woo Hoo!  
We have now traversed through Texas, Arkansas, the entire width of Tennessee,
West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and finally, New York.  Woot!

Getting ready to enter the Holland Tunnel.
You will be relieved to know I was not taking these photos whilst driving.
This time, anyway.

In the tunnel.  I love the reflections.

We drove into Manhattan midtown and dumped our stuff at the hotel.  My traveling companion was anxious to meet-up with her former roommate to celebrate his birthday so we parted ways for the evening.  I got back in the car and headed north to Purchase NY.  Now I am taking the occasional shot with my iphone, but only when I am stopped in traffic.  Which was often.

Ha ha ha!  We really fooled her!  She was sitting in the coffee shop on campus and saw the Scion driving up.  She told me she thought it was weird that I rented a car that looked just like hers.  Second thought:  "Huh.  Texas plates... how odd".  Then,  "Holy S*@t"!  

We were .5 mile from rolling over to 1800, the distance from our house to my daughter's school.

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  1. Aren't road trips the best?! I saw some of those exact same places last summer- that crazy space ship in Texas & the Holland Tunnel.


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