Sunday, May 27, 2012

In and Around Philly: Bartram's Garden, the Italian Market, Community Garden

I was in the New York/Philly-area for a week and a half.  In between my youngest daughter's senior show and commencement, I spent a few days in Philadelphia visiting my oldest daughter.
I hadn't been there in several years.  It seems every time I was in the northeast, my daughter was traveling on business.  This time we were both in the same area.
My oldest, who has become an avid gardener, was anxious to show us Bartram's Garden.  This place is lovely and magical:  the first Botanical Garden in the country.  Founded in 1728 by John Bartram, a man determined to collect a specimen of every plant in our country.
Seated on the banks of the Delaware river, the place is a hidden jewel.

 “whatsoever whether great or small ugly or handsom sweet or stinking…everything in the universe in thair own nature appears beautiful to mee.”  John Bartram, 1740.

An old millstone near the river.

to give you a sense of scale...

hopefully this guy will eat something we don't like.

wild strawberries

mossy pathway

Now, on to the Italian Market

Then, to my daughter's community garden plot.

It thrills me that she is so interested in gardening.

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