Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Two Orange "Girls"

What a dreadful photo!  I cannot seem to remember to park them side-by-side during broad daylight.
I recently sold our minivan to a young couple with 2 babies.  With its high mileage, I no longer feel comfortable taking it on any long road trips.  Still needing some sort of vehicle with bigger loading capacity than my beloved Cooper, I found this used Honda Element, a 2007, with only 37K miles on it.
I really like it!  So now I have 2 Orange "girls".  I have to figure out a name for the Element.  I call the Cooper "The Orange Peril" (a back-handed reference to Amelia Earhart's convertible, which she referred to as the 'yellow peril').  
Any ideas for a name?


  1. Ferrous oxide is orange and very elemental (just Fe and O, I think). It's what makes Mars orange/red.

    Ferri? Fie (Fe). Mars.

  2. LOL; My first thought was the element table as well. 'Ferrous Bueler's day off!' Or just 'Ginger' as in 'Keep Calm & Ginger On'.
    Orange you jealous? for the lic. frame I should think. I'm being silly, time to get back to work.


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