Saturday, May 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes of my dvd workshop taping at Interweave

I had such a great time preparing materials, packing, and then taping my workshop dvd for the great people at Interweave.  I loved the challenge of honing the material to present it to, in this case, a virtual audience.
This meant a great deal of preparation of samples, condensing the options for the various demonstrations on  camera, and figuring out how to pack it all up and bring it to a remote location!  My greatest fear was that I would forget a key component.  I think I had bad dreams about this for about a week prior to the taping.
Since I was using some of the materials and tools up until just before I left my own studio, I decided to pack everything into checked bags.  I have heard nightmare stories of the TSA messing around with paint, etc., and the artist arriving at her destination to discover a suitcase decorated with paint (or whatever).
So far, this has not happened to me.  I use a band of electrical tape around the rim of every paint and dye container, all of which is packed in a ziploc bag.  Things like matte medium were not only taped, but also rolled up in Glad "Press and Seal", and THEN put into a ziploc bag.  A girl can't be too careful.

For my printing demos, I created a print surface out of a cut section of pressed foam insulation covered with felt.  These turned out to be unnecessary, as the producer had provided a great print surface, but I didn't know that in advance.  It worked out beautifully:  I used my own print surfaces for a few segments, and theirs for other segments.

Once I arrived, I mixed up my print paste in the hotel room the night before the taping.  The morning of the taping, while Jamie Fingal was doing her dvd workshop, I was outside in the hall mixing my dye colors, making my gelatin plates for monoprinting, etc.
One of the fun things about taping at the Interweave studio in Loveland CO is that the set was customized for each taping.  I brought a lot of my quilts and cloth for this use.  I love that the backdrop of my dvd will have my things in it!

Here is who I picked to look at while I gave my intro:
Am I the only one who loves this version of Johnny Depp?
Cap'n Jack!

Excited to begin the workshop!

Here I am explaining why I think the best use for this complimentary AARP 
credit card is as a squeegee for screen printing!!


  1. Goofball. Love seeing these photos, can't wait to get a copy.

  2. It is both terrifying and exciting to anticipate the finished, edited dvd. When you get the dvd please tell me if you notice anything interesting about the Barbies in the background. That is all I am going to say about it.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your dvd.good on you for making it. yes Johny..I'd choose him too in this role.
    Interesting to see behind the scenes.

  4. Glad you appreciate Cap'n Jack as much as I do, Judy!

  5. I love that you tell us that you were in your hotel room prepping and in the hall mixing... so down to earth and 'normal;=)

  6. LOL. "Normal" might be pushing it, Jackie!

  7. Congratulations!! That's so exciting. Can't wait to see it!

  8. Thank you, Cheryl. I am looking forward to seeing the final edit, too!

  9. Oh, MAN, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that experience! ;^) I'm looking forward to the DVD.


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