Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scenes from Denver

Jamie and I had time before our late afternoon flights home to enjoy the beautiful Brown Palace Hotel, as well as have an amazing dining experience at Rioja.  I enjoyed a wide gambit of weather conditions while in the area:  89 degrees, dry, and windy upon arrival Monday, gorgeous clear skies and perfect temperature on Tuesday (although I was in the studio all day so I missed most of it), and rainy, then SNOWY, conditions on the final day of my visit.  Welcome to Colorado.
Here are a few images taken during my time in the area:
An unimpressive photo taken while I was driving from the airport
into Loveland.  I was trying to capture a tumbleweed crossing the highway.
I saw many!  Take a look at the fence-line on the left edge of this image.

The beautiful Larimer Square at night

Dinner at Rioja.
This is the cookbook created by the chef.

The gorgeous ceiling in the atrium of the Brown Palace Hotel.

The atrium.

An impressive snowstorm began as I awaited my flight home.
Thanks to this storm, I was about 5 hours late.

Helen Gregory takes a photo of Jamie Fingal on the set.

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