Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun happenings in the studio (and in the car)

I've been dyeing all sorts of cloth as well as my old friends the used facial washcloths.  Will I ever get tired of them?  Probably not.
so pretty, and more colors are sitting in dye buckets as I write
Aren't cross-cut cabbages gorgeous?  It looks very topographical.
This one would have printed better if I had made a cleaner cut. 
Still, I got some interesting marks.

A hand-made fun foam stamp of my studio assistant, Bizzi.
What do you think?  

Did you know my dog also drives?


  1. Love the photo of you with Bizzi!

  2. Love, love, love the photos of you and Bizzi, and of Bizzi driving. So smart!

  3. Bizzi is a very smart and loving looking dog. I wan to meet her. She makes me want to snuffle her brain box.

  4. I wouldn't get tired of the facial cloths if I were you. I wish I used that type.

  5. LOL. Snuffle her brain box! I'll tell her.
    I love these crazy facial cloths in all of their uses. Did I tell you that I have a GO! cutter? Guess what cuts really well in it.....


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