Friday, April 1, 2011

A (fairly) clean studio

Jamie is shaming me into sharing these photos.
Here is my confession:  my studio is usually is some sort of controlled chaos.  I don't like it, but that is how it seems to be quite a bit of the time.  I can blame it on all sorts of things (need more storage!,  no time!, fill in the blank with other lame excuses here).  The reality is, the studio is crazy quite a bit of the time.

That is why you should have someone over who wants to take pictures of the studio (and you).  Diana Kellerman, who wonderfully edits the Fiber Artists of San Antonio newsletter, wanted to do just that late last week.  I decided it was an opportunity.

When you see the following photos you might ask, "What part did she clean?", but seriously, it does look better. I do have a shortage of storage.  I do need to rearrange.  I will do this.  Someday.
 My main work table in the center of the room.
Two moveable design boards that are currently full of this and that.
My color laser printer, thermofax machine, and ink jet printer are on the rolling cart in front of one of the design boards.
What's that thing hanging in the center of the photo?  Why, a flying pig, of course.
My beloved Horn sewing table.

Ironing board in front of storage shelves.  
Do you think I have enough irons?

work table (clean!!) in foreground.
The thinking couch with my beloved studio assistant, Bizzi, taking a break.
Behind the sofa is Laura Beehler's "Red Alert".

This is the mixed media area, which is currently overloaded with supplies.
See the painting on the wall?
My oldest daughter painted my hands working at my sewing machine.
This was done when she was a senior in high school.
Other paintings by my daughters line the baseboard under it.
Am I lucky, or what?!

I commissioned my late friend, Prudy Kimmery, to create the two stained glass inserts for the windows.
I have wonderful natural light in this end of the room.
I look out on my amazingly beautiful garden while I work.

Eegads!  Lots of "stuff" up on the wall, yes?

My husband took pity on me regarding my dismal lighting for night studio work.
He dragged home this bank of serious lights and we situated it to bounce light off the ceiling.
My well-loved mascots reside on the stand:  my daughter made the red-lipped guy in front, and 
my good friend, Nina Perez, made the two other characters.
Behind is my little photo shrine of my late sister on the wall.

Let me know how shocked you are by my studio.  Maybe it will inspire more cleaning..........


  1. ha ha ha. you will be glad that you put it on your blog as a remembrance of how great it can look. rare moments. it is a work of art in itself. congratulations on getting it done and on the article!

  2. Your studio is wonderful. I love the windows that your friend made and all the art from those who love you. Have fun creating in your spiffed up studio this weekend.

  3. This may sound odd... but it is encouraging to know that someone elses studio is...well shall I say... Lived in ! My little studio is in great need of a clean up,organize and adding some personal touches. Thanks for the boost to make it happen !!

  4. Lived in! Yes, it is safe to say my studio is very "lived in"! LOL! Thank you for your kind word, everyone. It is my magical place. I love being in here.

  5. you know what they say... "Beware of skinny chefs and CLEAN studios!"

  6. Well, you have nothing to worry about on either count!!

  7. It looks a lot like mine, only I really need a thinking couch!! I have to go in to my office for that.

  8. Remember, this is a working studio.
    It is not a showroom/gallery.

  9. So true, Kay. I work in here every single day I'm in town. I hope to remodel the space in the near future to better accommodate my wet work.


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