Sunday, April 3, 2011

More New York fun

my cute little hotel room at the Roger William

my sweet daughter, walking the High Line not long after it opened

The Statue of Liberty seen in the distance from the
vantage of the High Line park

some "uncommissioned" urban art

the worlds smallest bike(r)

 posing in front of a graffiti-embellished truck

see numerous times on light posts

CJ and LJ
New York as a vascular system.
I saw this in a book and loved it!

mosaic covered post

 Meg Cox and Alex Anderson


  1. What great photos of the city! Don't you love the High Line? Great to meet your daughter, and thanks for coming to the Alliance for American Quilts brunch, and helping to promote our mission. See you in August!

  2. Thanks, Meg. I'm looking forward to more Alliance activities in NYC this summer!


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