Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quilt blocks for a special quilt

Many of you know my good friend, Melly Testa, and are aware of her recent breast cancer diagnosis.
Melly has a passion for birds.  They are a dominant feature of her art, and the well-being of birds and their habitat are a major focus for her.  So it seemed like a natural thing for a number of her friends to decide she should have a comfort quilt, something that she could take with her to chemo sessions, that reflected her love of birds.
I think a quilt like this is good for everyone:  the person who receives it feels all the love that is stitched into it and the people who contributed to it have a way to express their love and concern for their friend.  Maybe there are a few more ripples:  maybe others receiving their chemo can respond positively to the quilt and, with luck, have a bit of joy from it.
Here is the quilt.
Contributors:  Pokey Bolton, Jamie Fingal, Lyric Kinard, me, Tracie Huskamp, Alisa Burke, Jane LaFazio, Diana Trout, Judy Coates Perez, Nina Perez, Jill Berry, Gloria Hansen, Carla Sonheim and Kelli Nina Perkins
Lyric joined the finished blocks and created a "quillow", including a carrying handle.
My blocks include the one at the top of the page and below:


  1. How wonderful. I'm sure it will help her.

  2. OK, second time in a row today that one of your posts has made me cry! (I'd better go have a glass of wine.) But seriously, Melly is so lucky to have such wonderful, loving, supportive friends.

  3. Ok, Linda, you do have the "vapors"! A woman after my own heart.


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