Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shibori Pole-wrapped cloth using string

This piece of cloth is part of a round robin exchange from the complex cloth list.  I received this piece of cotton broadcloth, already quite saturated with blue procionMX dye.  I had doubts about how well an additional dye process would work, and frankly, considered discharging the cloth prior to over-dyeing it.
After all is said and done, the cloth wasn't significantly altered from the over-dyeing, but it looks okay.
Take a look:
cloth is rolled onto the pvc, then wrapped with string and "scrunched".

the wrapped cloth is lowered into the dye bath (equal parts chartreuse and olive green)

soda ash is added and mixed into the solution

6 hours later, the cloth is removed from the dye bath

string removed, cloth unrolled from the pvc pipe, the cloth has a lovely scrunched look

finished and dried, the cloth has a subtle striation of green throughout

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