Friday, November 12, 2010

Paper & Encaustic

I am participating in a workshop that is "beta-testing" the manuscript for an upcoming book.
I was an ideal subject because I know nothing about paper-making, and only slightly more about encaustic.  The process of learning about these techniques has been really interesting.  My skill sets are crude, at best, but I see all sorts of possibilities.
Here are a few of my rudimentary experiments:
thick hand-made paper painted with encaustic medium, white encaustic paint, 
then inlaid with black and raw sienna encaustic

Handmade paper wrapped on birch board, burned,
collaged, painted with several layers of encaustic paint

Handmade paper, pulp-painted, wrapped on birch board,
layered with encaustic medium, inlaid with black and turquoise encaustic paint

encaustic medium as is cools in the pan

ribbons of encaustic paint removed from my pieces


  1. This is all very cool. I love the end result with the ribbons of encaustic paint - what a great sculpture this would make.

  2. Leslie, you have more fun than any two people I know! Very, very cool!

  3. Thank you! I think this paper/encaustic-thing is pretty cool. Linda, I brought these to our lunch with Larkin and forgot to bring them out to show you (duh).

  4. Congratulations on the book project. These are neat--I enjoyed seeing the large photos (thanks for that!) and being able to notice the texture and traces of some words (carta), the neat marks and your choice of colours. More, please ...

  5. Thanks for your interest, Fulvia. I will happily post more, including the progression of these pieces, as I make them. I'm looking forward to making more paper, as well as catching up on the lesson I missed while I was in Houston at festival. There are some intriguing possibilities for combining this work with textile constructions.....


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