Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun with friends at previous quilt festivals......

Every year it gets better:  the time I share with friends at quilt festivals!  Many of us rarely see each other outside of these events so we make up for lost time while we are gathered together.  The subculture of mixed-media and fiber art brings us together, but the sheer joy of spending time together bonds us.
Here are a few images, randomly selected, of previous gatherings:
Leslie & Karey Bresenhan @ the SAQA/Quiltart reception
Frances Holliday Alford with her sisters at the tiara parade
Tiara parade hits the show floor!  
Kathy York after she realizes her quilt, "Little Cities" has won first prize
Kathy talks about her winning quilt, "Little Cities"
Frances poses by her encrusted quilt
Austin art quilt group at the awards ceremony for "Kiwi and Fuschia Meet For Mojitos"
L-R: Frances, Leslie, Connie, Sherri, Raewyn, and Kathy
Frances & Leslie pose in front of "Guadalupe Goes Shopping"
Rachel Parris "wears" one of Frances' wreaths as Judy Coates Perez catches a photo
Melly Testa rocking a spoon
Leslie & Jamie Fingal
'Dinner At Eight' having dinner at eight @ Spencer's in the Hilton
After-hours painting in our room:
Clockwise from bottom:  Judy Coates Perez, Leslie, Nina Perez, 
Barbara Delaney, and Frances Holliday Alford
How you feel the day after festival!
(Jamie Fingal crashed on my studio sofa)


  1. These are great Leslie! Really great memories, thanks!

  2. Great memories, indeed! We always have so much fun, don't we?

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