Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Artistic construction license

I'm participating in a collaborative project involving houses, or buildings.  This project is very exciting, and challenging.  Since I have been obsessed with gritty, industrial colors/shapes/images of late, I decided I want to build a warehouse/loft.  I'm still working on the roof, and trying to decide about if (or how!) to create windows that swing open at the base (how the heck to wedge them open:   tiny pieces of velcro and a small toothpick covered in felt??).  Welcome to my obsessive little world.
Here are some images of the "cloth-siding" of the building.  The siding is constructed of dyed facial cloths fused to lutradur.  The stitching was done prior to fusing the piece to peltex for stiffening, then it was quilted to the peltex prior to cutting.  More images to follow, but here is the stitched lutradur.  I like the back of the piece nearly as much as the front!



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