Friday, March 26, 2010

To Answer a question about whether script will "smear" when printing...

Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about the article in the current (issue #44) Quilting Arts magazine.  I have received an inquiry from a reader about whether the script created using the extruder will smear once a lighter color of dye is pulled over it.  Interestingly, there isn't much smearing of the script.  I won't say there isn't a little, but the script remains legible.  Only one pass can be done because the dye-colors will muddy once pulled across the screen.  This dye is scraped off into a "dye trash can" container.  Sometimes, I use the "dye-trash" for something else, but I rarely deposit it back into my screen and pull through a second time.

Here are 3 facial cloths that have been printed with this technique.
Since I'm writing really personal things on the screen,
I don't really want the viewer to be able to "read" it.
Therefore, I position a corner of several cloths under the screen at one time,
then rearrange them after printing.

Here is a combination of facial cloths and the silk broadcloth "dropcloth" that was 
positioned under the facial cloths during printing.
These items have been batched and machine-pieced together.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about the process.  Thanks for your interest!

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