Friday, March 19, 2010

Day #2: A visit to Joan Schulz studio & Yvonne Porcella in Modesto

We began our morning with a brief stop at the studio of Joan Schulz, the mixed media textile artist who juried the Federation show in Dallas 20007.  Joan's studio is a thing of wonder:  any artist would turn green with envy at the space & wonderful natural light she enjoys.
Joan in her lovely studio

We drove up to Modesto, enjoying the lush green landscape enroute.
Seeing Yvonne, who looks SO good for only being 6 weeks post-op and well into her chemotherapy, was a high point of the trip.

Yvonne shows her surprise when she views her quilt

Iris smoothes the quilt over Yvonne's bed

Yvonne's dog, Kiery, steals one of her knitted hats

Yvonne & Kiery, wearing the same joyful expression


  1. What fun! You guys did a fantastic job on Yvonne's quilt.

  2. I am so glad I got a block to you in time to be included in this quilt. Yvonne looks so VERY happy on her quilt! May she always be surrounded by the love of her fellow quilters.

  3. Lois, thanks for sending a block. I think Yvonne "feels the love" in that quilt. I'm so happy about that.


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