Monday, March 1, 2010

More Mexico....

This is a view I could get used to....

The first full day we spent in Mexico was very low-key.  We staked out a spot under a straw umbrella and read all afternoon.  Eventually, the hotel staff began erecting a small platform in front of us, and it became clear that a wedding was about to take place.  

The bride and one of her bridesmaids came down to look things over

The wedding procession:  note the lack of shoes!
How do you like my view?

I caught 2 of the three flower girls.  The third flower girl
loudly complained as she was walking along, "How come I have to be last?"
Too cute!

After the ceremony, the guests, as well as some of the onlookers, danced to the music.
The full moon was visible, children were playing in the sand, and it seemed
like a perfect moment.  I loved the laid-back vibe of the wedding.

We found time to ride bikes into Puerto Morales, and spent one afternoon snorkeling on the reef.  It was truly an enjoyable escape.  

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  1. when I was a kid, we camped out on the beach in Puerto Morelos for two weeks, there was nothing there, but a very small village with a tiny tienda and tortillaria. It was paradise!


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