Monday, March 8, 2010

Lesley Riley comes to San Antonio

As I was in the air, enroute from San Antonio to Washington DC and the board meeting for the Alliance for American Quilts, Lesley Riley was in the air from Washington to San Antonio to teach workshops for the Fiber Artists of San Antonio.  I was so disappointed that I would miss her workshops, but happy that I was able to attend her talk at our monthly meeting.

Lesley talked to the FASA guild about "Making Time For Art"

After the meeting Lesley offered her half-day workshop on Lutradur.  I took this workshop several years ago in Houston, and would have enjoyed it again, but needed to remain task-oriented today.
Fortunately, I was able to meet Lesley and several friends for dinner:

Left to right:  Lesley Riley, Allison Brown-Cestero, me, Jane Dunnewold, Lisa Kerpoe, Laura Beehler

Good friends and good conversation:  a perfect evening!

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