Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden activity

Everything is coming to life in the garden now that we have had some warm, sunny days and moderate nights.  I worked hard this morning moving brown leaves into the compost bins and moving my nice, loamy compost from last year into the rose beds.  I found two wonderful tools at Home Depot yesterday that have made this work much easier:  a large swivel-handled "dust bin", and a narrow leaf-rake with wide tines.  I can scoop leaf matter and compost into the bin quickly and deposit it where I desire.  Still hard work, but so much easier with good tools!
all these leaves were scooped into the 3 bins.
The bins were moved slightly from the site of the old bin
so I could use the compost from last year

happy little ranunculas under a rose bush

two pots with a combination of plants sit next to a prolific bed of 
texas bluebonnets

salvia resides next to blue fescue

the pink knock-out roses are blooming like crazy 
and the blue salvia is budding out

I wish I could describe the heavenly scent of this rose!

the patio table with no home....

lots of plants await my attention....
a Hawthorne "walking stick" bush, foxtail fern, and many petunias 
for the front porch pots

On mornings like this one, I think I live in paradise.  My garden is a tranquil, lovely world.
It inspires my artwork, my mood, and hopefully everyone who visits experiences the serenity it provides me every day.  Life is good!

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely corner of Paradise!


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