Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting on with it

Yesterday I was getting many things done other than the thing I needed to be doing:  sorting through my mixed-media ephemera, paint, and other "stuff" that was stacked on my work table and making me crazy.
It is humorous (now) to me how long I will procrastinate about this.  Eventually, I had to face the music because the clutter was impeding my ability to be productive in my work-space.  I finally buckled down last night and worked for a number of hours (and into the wee hours, I might add) to get things sorted.
Too bad I didn't take before and after photos.  I don't think the workspace, to the casual observer, looks very tidy at all.  But to me it is transformed!  I've already messed it up a bit but that is because I am working again, so that doesn't count!

walking down the hallway toward the studio
sorry about the less-than-ideal lighting for the photo
note my head vase collection on the window sill, each sporting brushes

the table in the foreground is used for mixed media work

same table, different angle
the clear plastic bins residing on top of my rolling drawers are a new addition
(If you zoom into the photo you will see some of my daughters' artwork:
the painting on the wall of my hands at my sewing machine was done by my oldest daughter while she was still in high school.  A self-portrait of my second daughter leans against the wall on the floor, as do paintings that my two oldest daughters made of one another).

another shot of the work table and my new storage
I am using my photography lights for everyday lighting because my room lighting is so poor

my other work table, reserved primarily for textile cutting
the area behind this table masks floor chaos-this is the next area that must be addressed

I got up this morning and went to a yoga class for the first time in my life.  I belong to a health club that offers many different exercise classes, and I haven't taken advantage of them.  I really liked the class:  flexibility does not come easily for me, even when I was a young thing and dancing 5 days a week in college.  I think this class might be a good addition to my exercise routine and I like the instructor (also a Leslie).  I felt great all day, even knowing that my buns will most-certainly be sore tomorrow.

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