Saturday, November 7, 2009

Farmer's Market & the new "River Reach"

Another Saturday morning visit to the Pearl Farmer's market.  This time I remembered to bring my camera for the walk along the new river-area.  The following are a few photos of our stroll...

A beautifully embellished loaf of bread at the Pearl Market,
this one from Sol y Luna Bakery

The river taxi moves past the grotto sculpture

Look out for the scary monster inside!

My daughter walks through the grotto

The landscaping along the new river-area is lovely.
It will be breath-taking once it has filled in.

This beautiful butterfly, a Gulf Fritillary, was enjoying the lantana

This new falls was created just behind the Pearl Market
(note the footbridge in the upper left portion of the photo)
The headwaters of the San Antonio river are about a mile north of this site.

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