Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Dog Has a Tough Life

Bizzi, our miniature Schnauzer,
poses on her lambskin rug
This "lucky dog" has two families.  We have good friends who are former Schnauzer-owners.  They lost their dog to old age two years ago, and offered to care for Bizzi when we travel.  The arrangement has worked so well for all of us:  we have a wonderful 2nd family for her when we travel, and they have a "part-time" dog!  She has a pretty good dog's life!


  1. Bizzi is so cute! It is so nice to not feel guilty leaving your furry family members behind, knowing they are with loving friends is just the best. Abby will be staying down the hall at "Camp May May's" while we are away where she occasionally gets ground lamb added to her diet!

  2. Sounds like she has a tough life, too! Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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