Friday, July 24, 2009

"Organized Chaos" and feelin groovy

Melanie Testa models her groovy MIU apron,
painted in our hotel room

Dancing and painting make life worth living!
(too bad I'm still in my pj's here, but who dresses up and paints?!)

Mells paints on my bed.  We used a rotary cutting board positioned under an old drop-sheet brought from home

Look at our hotel room?  Isn't it GREAT??

Jamie had a great idea for the MIU workshop instructors and Open Studio artists:  event-customized aprons!
Since the Surviving the Runway theme is a play on 60's culture, we dyed and painted aprons to flow with this event.
Prior to the show we had a blast selecting "flair" to embellish aprons for the Quilting Arts events.  Although we began working on them in Jamie's studio, we spent the better part of Thursday prior to the show opening in our hotel room painting.  Later, after dinner, we returned to our room, put our painting clothes on again, and went back to work!
The aprons are many base colors, and have a ton of hand-painting, decals, "flair" buttons, and more.  
Be sure to come by the Quilting Arts' Make-It-University area if you are at the Long Beach show and check out all the chicks in their groovy aprons.  
Have A Nice Day ;-)

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