Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Arriving in Long Beach

Here is the "Edges" description in the program

This image of Kathy York's "Edges" quilt
is featured in the Long Beach festival program!
Congratulations, Kathy!!

Installation of the "Edges" exhibition (Jamie Fingal on the ladder)

This morning rolled around early for Jamie and I:  neither of us slept well last night.  I think we were both keyed up about our preparation for the Make-It-University workshops and Open Studios, not to mention that I had to make 3 large sheets of gelatin for monoprinting last night!
I cut the gelatin sheets into 5-inch squares this morning, sandwiched them between sheets of waxed paper, and stacked them into milk cartons (Jamie's idea-genius!) for transporting to the workshop.  We placed them in an igloo cooler.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they are still useable on Friday for my workshop.
I have so much stuff for use in the workshops/open studios it is insane.  Let's hope I have what I actually need.  I toted a large suitcase out here that I have nicknamed "the beast".  Dealing with it reminds me why I normally travel with one carry-on bag!
More photos will follow throughout the show.....

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