Saturday, July 25, 2009

Make-It-University workshop!

Here is a selection of finished postcards that my students made in today's workshop.
Each student experimented with gelatin plate monoprinting on cloth and fabric,
made rubbings with Pentel Fabric Fun dye sticks, wrote on cloth and paper with markers,
and fused it all together onto a card which will be mailed from the show.
(the awesome-looking retro couple in many of the cards are my very own
parents, circa 1945).

Here I am, teaching a "mark-making" workshop at the Long Beach Quilt Festival
in the Make-It-University area of the Quilting Arts booth

Some of the interesting stuff on the students' work tables

The workshop participants are holding up their finished, hand-printed
postcards!  They are simply amazing!

Today was my first experience of teaching a workshop in the Quilting Arts "Make-It-University" setting at the Long Beach Quilt Festival.  It was a blast from start to finish.  My students were a lot of fun to work with and I am hoping they will share some of their future endeavors with me.  If any of you are reading this:  you were awesome and I truly enjoyed meeting each of you!  Please, please stay in touch and keep playing and having fun.
If you need the Imperfection Pledge I will be happy to read it to you again...



  1. was great to meet you briefly on Friday at the show. I know I am going to enjoy reading your blog. I am writing to ask you for the gelatin block recipe. Thankyou and best wishes. Margaret

  2. I'll post it as soon as I get back to San Antonio. I'm currently in the Phoenix airport and don't have it available. Hang in there and I'll post it soon. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Hi Leslie,
    Your class was so much fun. I loved playing with you as well as seeing your work. I will be following your blog. Thank you for the encouragement with my dolls as well as the deconstructed screen printing. I will send you pictures of what I do and the latest dolls.
    Nola Hart

  4. I enjoyed meeting you, as well. Your dolls are amazing. Please send photos!

  5. I am having trouble finding your email. I am at Send me a message, and I will get the pictures to you.
    Thank you so much.


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