Tuesday, July 9, 2019

2019: Where Has The Year Gone?

I have been exceedingly negligent in writing on my blog.  I've had my reasons, but still.

Here are a few images to partially explain why I've been absent in the blogosphere:

All these photos represent a small sampling of the very large renovation project that was underway in our home beginning in July of 2017 and finishing in February, 2019.  We had major roof repairs, new windows and walls to replace the rotting, leaking ones, cut a larger hole in the entry and installed a beautiful door, and in the process had a flood in my studio.
I moved everything back out of my studio and was not back in until just before the holidays as a new wood floor was needed.
Old one being removed....
and..UGH!...the sheetrock had to be cut out.

I had to move everything out of the studio to storage.

New wood floor (same type, but wider plank wood) was applied.
This time we put a cork underlayment to provide some nice cushioning and also a bit of noise attenuation.
One little bright spot in all this is that I added design wall to two more walls.  I realized shortly after doing the studio remodel that I "should" have put more on the existing walls.  I used the disaster to update those areas.  See?  Lemonade from lemons!

Here is the cork underlayment...

Moving back into the studio!  Yay!

Here is one of my new sections of design wall which is 
immediately to the left of my sewing table.  It is handy for pinning notes 
and even small sections of a construction while I work.
I love the addition of these two new design wall sections!  I
cannot imagine why i didn't put these in when we did the original 
remodel, but I am so happy I have them now!   See?  From something unfortunate comes
something good...

In November I finally had my right knee replaced.  This was LONG overdue.

The months since my surgery have been focused on recovery and rehabilitation.  I was in physical therapy twice per week from November through mid-May.  Interspersed I have been traveling.

In January, I taught at Craft Napa.  I was very careful to use the stationary bike at my hotel to keep my knee moving!  More on that in the next post.

Thanks for stopping by!  

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