Thursday, July 18, 2019

Quilt Retreat with the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild

For the spring retreat with the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild I did something I NEVER do:
I was organized!  I knew what I was going to make at the retreat!  I actually PREPARED!  In Advance!  People, this is a rare moment for me.....

I read the winter issue of Quiltfolk magazine.  (Have you subscribed yet?  If not, you should!  It is such an unusual and amazing publication!).  I've linked it here so you can click on over.  
In this issue (Issue #4) Anna Maria Horner collaborated with another quilt artist and they each developed a quilt pattern: one is a traditional iteration, and Anna Maria's is a modern take using her fabric collection.  I was enamored with Anna Maria's version and I purchased some of her fabric, added some from my Urban Garden Collection from RJR, and made the quilt!

This is the unheard of part:  I actually CUT EVERYTHING in advance of the retreat and had all my pieces organized into a 3-ring binder.  Gasp!
Here is a photo I took from the magazine article showing Anna and the other quilt artist 
(apologies:  I cannot recall her name!) showing Anna's quilt

Here I am at home, prior to the retreat, selecting and cutting my fabrics

I'm at the retreat and sewing all my blocks...

Blocks going up on the design wall....

closeup of a section.  I think Anna's collection and mine go well together!

the back....

here is the completed quilt.  It is, as I write, at Joanna Marsh's to be longarmed!

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