Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Kenya: Part 3 More Animals and a visit to the Masai

Each time I saw the animals I felt like pinching myself.  For a kid growing up in Kansas who read and dreamed about this place, being here and seeing this for myself was surreal.
The animals were seemingly oblivious to our presence.  The guides explained that
they are used to seeing vehicles traverse through the areas they inhabit but that would 
definitely change if a human left a vehicle!  No thanks!


Eric, the owner of the tour operation, is friends with the chief of a Masai tribe
close to Amboseli and we were invited to visit.  This was a unique opportunity that we
had twice during this trip!
Chief James welcomes our group to his village

We all gathered around while, first, the women and, second, a group of younger men,
sang a welcome song to us and asked us to join in.

Each person in the tribe was beautifully adorned.
I was a bit gobsmacked!

And I really enjoyed meeting all of the people.
We were sincerely welcomed.  Each person was open and friendly.

And yes! I went and danced, too!

The houses are constructed by the women in the tribe.
The people are nomadic and polygamous.  Each woman has her own dwelling
but the extended family cooperates with food preparation, herding, and establishing 
dwellings when they relocate.

I was fascinated with the markings on the sides of each dwelling
but I don't know the significance.

We were told that portions of each roof were saved and moved with the tribe.  
The buildings are constructed of dung and mud.

Beads are an important and symbolic part of adornment.
This woman is making a bracelet.


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