Sunday, February 24, 2013


As QuiltCon weekend winds down I wanted to share a few images with you about the event.   And, what an event it has been!  My hat is off to the board, as well as all the many volunteers, all of whom worked tirelessly to make this inaugural event go so smoothly and be so much fun!
If you have attended one of the other quilt shows, namely the International Quilt Festival in Houston, I can tell you that this event was much smaller.  Still, it was very well done, with a stunning selection of juried quilts, as well as an extensive collection of Denyse Schmidt's quilts, on display.  
The many workshops were filled to capacity, and the lecture schedule included a wide selection of speakers, from fabric designers, to leaders in the modern movement, and more.  Meg Cox, president of the board of directors for the Quilt Alliance, spoke on Saturday about the history of quilts, and demonstrated how the Quilt Index can be a valuable tool for anyone interested in searching for information about quilts or a particular vintage or style of quilt.  Heather Grant gave a fantastic lecture about the history of the Modern Quilt Movement, as well as what it "means" to those who are part of it, and what differentiates this style from traditional or contemporary art quilts.  
So many great vendors!  I'm so thankful that I was able to shop at Hyggeligt, from London, Ontario, to purchase some more Oakschott fabric, my new(est) obsession.  Oh my.  

Seen on the bathroom wall of a juice bar in Austin..

My quilt, "Fifty Shades of Groovy", juried into the
Improvisational-pieced group

Meeting up with friends:  Frances Holliday Alford

Victoria Findlay Wolfe poses by her gorgeous quilt.
Best. Of. Show.
Congratulations, dear friend!  Wowzer is right!!

My daughter gets bitten by the "bug".
Here, she tries out the HandiQuilter Avante longarm machine.

We pose together in the Michael Miller booth.
It was so much FUN to hang out with her at QuiltCon.

80's Dance Party!  We had a blast, people.

Here I am posing with a few of the "Tamales", the San Antonio Mod Guild.
I love these women!
L-R:  Danielle Wilkes (fabulous longarm quilter), myself, Allison Chambers,
Sara Elliott, Erin Schlosser.

and here is the "money shot" of the weekend:
As a group of us met in the lobby bar for a late dinner at the Hilton, 
we were introduced to some Boobology.  I could not have gotten this picture 
more perfectly.  Frances does not look amused, but she was!
Please, someone, can you tell me where this woman's nipples are hidden?  Please?

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