Friday, September 2, 2011

Scenes from CREATE!-Part Two

Samples of Artist Houses accordion books, among other things!

Our second workshop was "Artist Houses" folding accordion book.  The first half of the day was spent learning gelatin plate monoprinting with the new Gelli Plates, and creating fun foam stamps.  The students had a set of pre-cut Hoffman fabric to work with, as well as paper tags and other miscellaneous found papers.  After monoprinting a variety of cloth and paper, the foam stamps were used over the surface of the monoprints.

A colorful array of monoprinted cloth, stamps, and used paper towels
(which we later fused with Mistyfuse and utilized in the projects)

here are a few of the items used for gelatin plate monoprinting
Cindy Kuo works on the layers of her house.  Doors and windows 
were created from a combination of color laser copies of photos, as well as 
unique printed papers and more.

cloth and paper were fused with Mistyfuse, then cut to the needed sizes

houses were stitched onto window screen

Here are Cindy Kuo's houses. 
She was excited to do some hand-embellishment and therefore opted to wait
to finish her project at home

Sandy Mayfield and Debbie Pine hold their nearly complete artist houses

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