Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amsterdam Day 4 (Saturday) To the Van Gogh museum and a nearby park

I've been to the Van Gogh museum numerous times before and it never gets old.  There were some new exhibits this time, as well the recently restored Bedroom in Arles  painting.  There was extensive documentation on the restoration process, which was fascinating.
A calliope situated near Centraal Station as I was departing on a tram

It was such a lovely day.
Many people were taking advantage of the weather and spending time in the park.

How cute is this?  Look at the baby's little bike seat on the handle bars!

Inside the Van Gogh museum, a special exhibit on  the underpaintings and substrates of 
Van Gogh's work.  Very interesting.
Read below:

Van Gogh's back

The trees are among my favorite paintings.
I just can't get enough of them.

This painting reminds me of Yvonne Porcella.

"Field Under A Stormy Sky" (1890)
This reminds me of the Flint Hills of KS.

Newly restored "Bedroom at Arles" 

a replication of the room

info about the restoration and color matching

Another wonderful surprise was a special exhibit of vintage posters.

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