Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amsterdam/Den Haag/Delft-Day 7

Tim left the show early today so we decided to have a little adventure.  He really wanted to visit Mauritshuis museum at The Haag, and Cheryl and I tagged along.  Later, Cheryl took the train back to Amsterdam to meet her husband and Tim and I went on to Delft.
not many of these old windmills around any more!

A beautiful day in Den Haag

We were fortunate to see this on exhibition before the official opening

I have seen several of these small knights atop houses in Delft.
I wish I knew what they are called.

So we walked into old Delft square and.....a carnival!
Delft Square is always full of surprises.  Two years ago,
we were able to watch a huge bocci ball tournament, 
followed by several wedding parties.
The people of Delft like to have parties!

It was crazy and surreal to see all this American stuff in the middle of Delft.

This was so crazy and ironic.

We had dinner at Den Waag, then meandered back to the train.
It was nice to walk in the rain.

It is beginning to look like fall here.
A few leaves starting to kiss the ground.

Tomorrow we leave for home.
Thanks for traveling along with me to the Netherlands.
I look forward to returning again next year.

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