Friday, September 9, 2011

Amsterdam Day 3 (Friday): wandering aimlessly

I felt better today so I was ready to wander a bit with a friend who came over with her husband from the US.  We decided to hit the Albert Cuypmarket (an open street market in the south part of the city).  This was a very interesting assortment of food, clothing, sundries, and cloth.  I was most interested in the fish market because, after all, we are near the North Sea.  I love to look at local food/produce.
Here are a few random images from the day:
The tram schedule at Centraal Station

a portion of the street market

live crabs

somone's future fish stew/stock?

a bizarre mosaic near the market

a funky little tea shop, where we hoped to get lunch but they only had cake & tea
Bird cake, anyone?

This reminds me of die-cut felt

Love the name of this tea (Earl Gray in disguise)
From the market we took the tram to the Flower Market.  I love this place.  I am always frustrated by the ridiculous FDA regulations about "certification" of bulbs.  Translated, that means the growers must pay exorbitant amounts of money to "certify" their bulbs.  Since it is so expensive they choose to certify a very small amount of their produce.  Therefore, one cannot purchase just anything to take back to the US.  Why is it that I always want what I cannot legally have?  Forget the cannibis starter kits, here is what I want:

so many bulbs and most of them will not grown in Texas.

Aren't these Gerber daisies amazing?  The chocolate centers just killed me!
I'm certain this is a Mandrake from the Harry Potter movie.
Isn't it?!

See the hook at the top of the building on the left?

This is how people move large pieces of furniture into their homes!

Bells on the side of a building...

Another street scene

? I don't know why....

I see this every time I'm in the city:  the facade of a Catholic church,
which seems so odd:  why a parrot?

Another church.

The wires above the metro train
...more later!


  1. I do love the shoes hanging from the wire. This would make a great skinny and wide quilt. I am enjoying your travel adventure each day.

  2. Thanks! Those shoes remind me of some sights in the French Quarter in New Orleans. I wonder what they mean here?


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