Friday, July 29, 2011

Surviving the Runway: "The Royal Wedding"

Every year the participants of this event amaze me with their creativity and this year was no exception!
How these people can take the weirdest materials and create seriously cool wearables is beyond me.
This year the challenge was to create a fascinator fit for a queen.  Check it out:
Here they go!  What the participants accomplished with fun foam
was really impressive!  Pokey looked very Super Fly in her pink fuzzy hat!

Judy is amused by the antics of a student, who is performing a curtsy to the judges.

Jamie is sorting through the valuable foam letters for her personal hat creation

Be Still My Heart:  a Harry Potter-themed crown!

Preparing for the runway.  The young woman in the foreground was the grand prize winner.
Her fascinator was awesome!

I have no words for this....!

Our participants, doing the Queen's wave.  Each and every one of them was amazing!

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  1. What a great idea, and the hats are fantastic... so fun!


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