Sunday, July 3, 2011

Committed to Cloth: Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan

I am fortunate to have become friends with the two amazing artists who make up "Committed to Cloth" from our many years of working together in a master class at Art Cloth Studios.  Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan have written and published numerous books on surface design, two were collaborative efforts with Jane Dunnewold, and teach a wide variety of classes.  They travel to the US to teach regularly at Nancy Crow's barn.  I hope to visit them in London and play in their newly designed studio facility!
Check out these images from some of their workshops.
I love this statement on their website:  "Here we are at work, or is it play?  Both are important.  Play encourages us to explore, push boundaries, and discover new approaches.  The results from play feed into intentional work and keep us moving forward."

Claire Benn
and 2 selections of her work (below)

 Leslie Morgan
and 2 examples of her work (below)

I had the pleasure of observing her while she was creating these pieces of cloth!

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