Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scenes from our classes in Long Beach

I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport awaiting my flight home to San Antonio.  The time in California has been packed full of events and I am behind on my blog posts.  I apologize to my readers!  I promise to make it up to you!
Here are a few pics from our classes in Long Beach.  Jamie Fingal and I taught as festival faculty and for Make It University.
One of the in-progress canvases from our first class

close to finished!

students took sections of both canvases and continued
to work into them with markers, then cut and created cards, journal covers, and more!

here are some of their postcards.  I mailed these from the hotel.

A few of our students' pincushions from Make-It-University

Aren't they amazing?

The following are progression shots of the Playful Painting on Canvas workshop:
The students are encouraged to begin using big, bold shapes

Note how we are moving back and forth between two canvases.
It never fails:  the two canvases develop very distinct "personalities".

 more detail, not using white paint
Finally, the black paint and more detail work produced these two 
amazing canvases!
Each student received portions of both canvases to take home and use in her 
unique way.  


  1. You had too much fun! Are you sure that much fun is even legal??? ;^)

  2. Love the colour on the canvas!

  3. Our students were so much fun, and yes!, the canvas they painted was really yummy.


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