Saturday, August 13, 2011

Post Festival Field Trip, Part Two

The last stop on our bus trip was a tour of Alexander Henry Design Group in Burbank CA.  This was so inspiring!  I loved that the artists who are designing the lines of fabric are doing so by first drawing their concepts, then painting the different colorways onto 90 lb watercolor paper with gouache!
Although I did not photograph any of their designs (and they were generous to show us the upcoming work) I will share some random images I photographed, with their permission, inside the building:
This beautifully mottled (shiny/matte finish) concrete wall arcs through the building, which was retrofitted with the office setting.

All the buildings constructed in the early 40's near the Burbank airport were structured
so they could become makeshift hangars.  Thus, the unusual ceiling configuration.
I like that they left this intact.

I love the vintage metal cars that rest on top of the mail box!

Stacks of gouche color palettes.

Aren't they gorgeous?

A drawer of paint tubes

A demonstration of "wet into wet" painting

The container cranes at Port Long Beach

Port Long Beach.

We left with less than we arrived with (believe it or not)!

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