Monday, February 7, 2011

Tulum, Mexico

I am in Tulum, Mexico, for a few days.  My husband's e-team is having an off-site strategic planning session.  We have been in this area before.  It is a welcome change from "winter" in San Antonio.  I think I can hear many of you groaning from this vantage point!  Sorry...
One of my goals during the time I am here is to do some sketching and watercolors.  Just quick little pieces to sort of flex my art muscle.  I need to do more plein air drawing/painting.  I used to do it fairly often and I miss it.
My little clear zipper bag included a small travel-size set of watercolor pan paints, a 5x7 moleskin journal (why didn't I put some absorbent ground or gesso on some of the pages?), a pigma pen, graphite pencil, some Sakura gel pens, and a couple of slightly better watercolor brushes than what is in the tiny little case.

I'll spend more time on making some drawings tomorrow.  I did manage to do one quick little drawing (which isn't great, but it was fun, and I'm not after great here!).  I spent a lot of time listening to the crazy grackles talking and flitting about, the surf, the wind through the palms, and the light chatter of people nearby.  I read most of a good book (ah) and generally had a lovely time, all next to Tim, which made it even better.
Here are a few little shots of the day/evening:
venturing out onto the beach shortly after arrival yesterday

This guy seems to be saying, "Hey you!  You are in my chair!"

towel-as-elephant posing on our bed

my little sketch/watercolor from this afternoon on the beach
(taken in bad incandescent lighting...sorry)


  1. Oh... may I say wish I was there ? lol ! We are expecting more snow here tomorrow. After the blizzard of last week here. I think I will just come and look at your pictures to keep warm!! Thank you for sharing! I love your little painting. Plein Air painting is something I look forward to... when it is warm !! Enjoy your stay !!

  2. Oh my, does that look absolutely divine. Have a wonderful time basking in the warm air.

  3. ahhh love that beach!...nice captures the serenity and colors.


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