Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A little rain must fall....

As we enjoyed our view of the ocean from our perch on the beach we could see a squall line forming a few miles offshore.  Eventually, we had to relocate to the porch, then indoors as the rain splashes started to threaten our electronics. (LOL) It is a lovely sort of torpor that has formed over us:  the feeling you encounter when you are completely, utterly relaxed.  So, what's a little rain?
This year, we have decided to be more selective about our activities.  We have been to this area a number of times so we don't feel quite the pull to see and do everything as we have in the past.  Rather, we are more interested in "just breathing", reading, and such.  Tomorrow we will go to Xil Xa, a sheltered lagoon where we can snorkel.  I'm content to read and draw.
A quick gestural sketch of two women playing beach volleyball.
This was done with graphite pencil (as was the one below), but i forgot my sharpener so 
these are probably the only pencil drawings of the trip :-(

the lifeguard station, and the outer edge of my palm umbrella

palm tree and sailboat.
It rained before I had a chance to work into any of these with watercolor!

I'm fascinated with the symmetry of things on this property:
This is an open-air bar in the resort.  Why so many posts?

I love the rows of palm trees beyond the archway

our towel sculpture for the night:  a peacock!

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