Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge Theme for February: Opposites!

I hope you have decided to follow along with us as we create pages in our sketchbooks for each monthly theme.  February's theme is chosen by Laura Cater-Woods:  Opposites.  Please stop by the Sketchbook Challenge blog and take a look at what everyone is doing.  Check out the amazing work on our Flickr site.
I hope you consider joining the project.  Nothing is more intimidating than the blank page/canvas/cloth.
The only way around it is through it.  It is the rare individual who is born with the ability to draw or paint well.  Most of us have to develop our skill set by using it frequently, learning from our experiences.  There is no magic involved:  experience is the teacher.

last January page:  "Highly Prized:  My Women Friends"


Is it finished?   I think not.  Since I have a couple of ideas about the next step I decided to think about it for a bit and move on to something else using the new theme.  I've been working on some collaged pages to use as foundation pages, and I think these are good starting points.  I'll post about the process of these pages here and on the Sketchbook Challenge blog once I have added another layer or two.
What do you think?  Is this page finished?  I would be curious to know.

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