Friday, February 4, 2011

Come Join Us At CREATE! in Costa Mesa California!

CREATE! Cloth Paper Scissors is offering not one, but two, locations in 2011:  Costa Mesa CA in May, and Chicago in August.
Jamie Fingal and I are excited to offer something new in Costa Mesa:
"Sheer Imagination:  A 2-day paper/cloth lamination workshop"

Image in paper
same image, laser-copied, then laminated to sheer, fused and quilted
My apron as "personal armor":  it is all about the journey.
apron detail

Jamie and I have been exploring this method of creating custom imagery on cloth and are excited to have a 2-day workshop to share this method!  In the workshop students will use their own personal imagery to create a mixed-media apron.  Please consider joining us for this workshop on Friday, May 20th, and Saturday, May 21st.  Class registration opens online February 8th.  Sign up here for email updates.


  1. Leslie- I just read your post on the sketchbook challenge. I didn't see a place to ask you a question, so I am going to try here. What is matte medium, and what is its purpose? Are there different ways in which you use matte medium, and if so, how? Thanks. JS My email is

  2. Judy, I hope my response to you was adequate. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions! Glad you asked!


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