Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shake Your Groove Thing........and we did!

I'm home with my feet up after facilitating a 2-day workshop on free motion quilting, free-hand cutting, and free-wheeling fusing.  I lured them in with the idea of free motion quilting, but little did they know that I was plotting other little things........
My students inspired me so much with their willingness to learn these new skills.  Many were learning on a new machine, so they had at least two new skill sets to wrestle.  As a teacher I feel fortunate to be in the presence of so much creative energy.  I know that learning how to free motion quilt is a difficult endeavor, stitch-regulator or not:  there is no substitute for "just doing it".  And "it" is frustrating at times.  I compare it to learning how to snow ski:  it just feels awkward at first.  Then, when you have an "aha" moment, and another, you begin to "get" why people really like to do it.  I'm honored to be able to nurture that in another quilt-maker.
It is uncharacteristic for me to forget to take many photos, but I only took 3 during the entire two days of class!  This is positively bizarre (for me, at least).  I'm counting on the students to send images to me so I can share their amazing work on the blog.
 here is a portion of the class, working on their small quilts
 progress, progress, progress....
look at those cute purple Grabaroo gloves!
Many of us tried them for the first time and they are winners!


  1. Oh Wow Leslie! This looks so fun! I bet it was so awesome.

  2. Dear, dear Ophelia. When are you coming to visit (us) in San Antonio?
    I was so fortunate to have this group of students. They worked SO hard to learn new skills. I wish we had been able to have one or two more days to complete the projects! I hope they will be sending progress images, which I will happily post here. The creative juices were flowing as they discovered the possibilities in the cloth and the quilting. It was so much fun!


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