Monday, December 27, 2010


Two holiday gifts:

My oldest gave me this sea anemone shell

My youngest hand-carved this tiny squirrel from scrap wood
Another cool and unusual gift we each received were a set of 2 padlocks with these inscriptions, engraving done by our oldest.  We plan to begin a tradition of taking them with us when we travel together as a family.
Isn't this super cool?  Images of love padlock sites in various places linked below the photos.....


  1. Leslie, you are so lucky to have such artistic (and artfully-minded) girls!

  2. Beautiful gifts! Full of thought and love!

  3. Don't I know it? Thank you. I'm am SO fortunate. I think I will post another amazing gift from my oldest daughter: "love padlocks".

  4. Brilliant gifts!! Talent & an eye for beauty obviously run in the family!


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