Sunday, August 1, 2010

Therapeutic Mats

One of the best discoveries at the Long Beach quilt festival was UNIQUE Therapeutic Mats.
I have been considering the idea of purchasing one or two long "chef" mats to arrange on the floor on either side of my print table, as my feet/knees often complain about a long work session in the studio.
The expense and weight of these mats has stopped me from purchasing them.

At the Long Beach festival I spotted the Therapeutic Mats booth and went over to chat with the owner, Tim Tompkins, from Minnetonka MN,

These mats are absolutely amazing!  They are the PERFECT solution for anyone who want a bit more cushioning underfoot in their studio.  The company has quite a diverse array of products so there is a configuration for any workspace.  I chose to purchase two sets:  2 2x8 runners for my print table in the wet studio, and a set of 3 3x4 foot mats that can be used all together or separately.  I plan to give my husband one of these mats, but the other two will stay in my home studio.

They are much lighter weight than the chef (gel-type) mats, so they are easier to move around.  The surface is coated with the same material as is used inside pickup truck beds, so it is tough.  I can't explain how great these mats are!  I've been standing on them all day while I tape silk screens, and I'm very comfortable!
Here is a link to his website:


  1. I love the one I bought at the end of the show. I can stand for more than an hour at my design table and not feel stress on my joints. I call it the miracle mat.

  2. Yay, I found it on your blog! I couldn't believe how soft and comfy yours was, and I'm going to order one too. Thanks, Leslie!

  3. I just ordered mine from Tim (what a nice guy) and sent him a link to your blog, Leslie. Hope to see you again soon (OH! FASA meeting on Monday!)

  4. Glad you connected with Tim. He is, indeed, a nice person. After a year of abuse, my studio mats look just exactly like they did when I bought them. I want to buy another long narrow mat for the other side of the print table.

    I plan to be at the FASA meeting tomorrow. Will I see you there?


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