Friday, August 27, 2010

Artist Faire @ CREATE Chicago

The Artist Faire was held on Friday evening of the CREATE event.  Artists who were teaching at the event participated, as well as other artists in the area who only participated in the Faire.  The vendors skewed heavily toward mixed media/assemblage work, but most of the vendors were pleased with the outcome.
These little dye pots lead to my end-result at the Artist Faire

mixed-media "mail art" postcard combined with screen printed bamboo batting, beads, and 
free-motion embroidery.  Mounted on black felt.
8x10 inches
Dye-printed post-consumer facial cloth, mail-art postcard, divided, grommets & beads, machine-stitched.
8x10 inches
dyed silk habotai, screen-printed facial cloth & bamboo batting, mail-art postcard, 
free-motion machine embroidered
8x10 inches

dyed bamboo batting and facial cloth, mixed-media mail art, hand-stitched beads, machine-quilted.
8x10 inches

posing at my vendor table behind my hand-dyed cotton knit scarves and other work.
I'm wearing a 25"x125" cotton-viscose tissue knit scarf, hand-dyed.  It's yummy.

Judy Coates-Perez gives me a hand at merchandising.
I needed her help!

Here is the lovely Alina Mardesich, who won my donated knit scarf!
Alina was a student at CREATE, and it was such fun to get to know her.
The lovely and talented Kelli Nina Perkins (L) and Alisa Burke.

Showing off my beautiful new red shoes, as well as my beautiful and luscious scarves.
I sold several, as well as my hand-dyed Radiance cloth.

Jamie & I, chillin at our vendor table.  
Hard to believe she is only drinking water, isn't it?!

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