Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Beach photos

The following are photos taken in and around the International Quilt Festival, Long Beach.  These are in no particular order.
The signage posted on the show floor for our exhibit
Our sponsor (who has offered to sponsor the 2011 exhibit in Long Beach!)

Jamie and I are interviewed for a vid-cast!
(Friday morning prior to the show floor opening)

BTS dinner.  I'm chair-standing to talk about all the 
amazing comments and feedback the exhibition is getting!
It is an old Art Cloth Studio/Jane Dunnewold tradition.  I can't help myself.

Here are my pages in the BTS book!

My quilt, "InVitro:  Microscopy" (on left) graced the MistyFuse booth
next to Jane Dunnewold's lovely piece.

These people look quasi-normal....

...what happened?
Surviving the runway for CPS, that's what!
We were cheering people on in an effort to get everyone into the crazy spirit of things.

Sunday afternoon:  exhibit take-down.
Tired feet!  We thought it would be fun to hold the "no photography" signs.

Still lots of "stuff"heading home.  Sigh.

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