Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Coloring Outside the Blocks: Artists Do Lunch" before & afters

Our second group quilt collaboration involved taking a tablecloth and doodling on it with markers and paint, switching positions so the styles became a bit blended, then dividing the cloth and giving each artist a piece to take home and push forward with additional painting and quilting.
Here is the piece I worked on beyond the initial session:

additional painting and quilting

I'll post an image of the finished piece soon.  It is very exciting!


  1. The quilting in that flower is stunning! Looking forward to seeing more!1

  2. Love it. Looking forward to see the finished piece.

  3. What were you coloring/painting with? It looks vibrant and lovely!

  4. Leslie, what a great idea, and what a fabulous piece you are ending up with. Makes me itch to get to the paints and sewing machine!

  5. The portion shown above was finished by me. There is a combination of acrylic paint, (mostly textile) and alcohol ink used on this section. The red flower was created with alcohol ink, then heat set prior to stitching.


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